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If you are interested in joining any of our Girlguiding sections, you can register your interest via the Girlguiding website: www.girlguiding.org.uk/joinus

An overview of our Rangers

Rangers is for young women aged 14 to 18. Rangers meet up regularly, have fun doing activities together and are recognised for their achievements with badges and awards.

Young women in Rangers follow the Girlguiding programme of interest badges, skills builders and awards and take part in amazing challenges, travel the world and develop skills across the six themes.

Members of Rangers can undertake a wide range of awards and qualifications. These include the Young Leadership Qualification, which helps them to develop skills in leadership, communication and team whilst working with a guiding unit for younger girls, the internationally-recognised Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme, the Queen's Guide Award, the Commonwealth Award and other prestigious awards specific to guiding.

There are many international opportunities open to Rangers - from attending guiding events abroad to volunteering on community projects in developing countries.

Members can also take part in Girlguiding’s successful peer education programme. Young women can become Peer Educators trained to run sessions on issues that affect girls and young women such as binge drinking, bullying, stress management and sexual health.

They can also make their voices heard by joining the guiding delegation at the British Youth Council or having a say in the future of guiding by attending Girlguiding Innovate meetings.

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